Tuesday JO JINGLES Dance & Movement  (term time only )

0945-1030 Toddlers (walking to 2`s)

1045-1130 Jinglers (2+)

1145-1215 Babies (3 months - walking)

1330-1415 Juniors (Pre-school)

Jo Jingles classes are carefully structured and each week we introduce educational themes i.e. colours, shapes, numbers, animals using well-known nursery rhymes and action songs. Children have "hands-on" experience with at least two percussion instruments e.g. drums, tambourine, bells and they get to join in with 'little Jo' who is always ready with the actions. He also knows over 1000 songs, some familiar and others that are unique to Jo Jingles.

Our experienced presenters run classes in a friendly and informal manner so you can be safe in the knowledge that your child, and maybe you too will learn about music in a stimulating and secure environment.